WARNING***Dynamiclear claims a treatment option for the herpes virus. However, the team here at herpesmedication.org does not recommend using Dynamiclear because the company that promotes it (Global Health) is well known in the Herpes Community for false and misleading ads, and it contains a highly toxic ingredient called COPPER SULPHATE.  Copper sulphate (called “cuprix” on Dynamiclear site) is used as a pesticide and known to be toxic to humans.  According to Rational Wikipedia this substance contained in Dynamiclear causes severe itching or eczema on any skin area, let alone highly sensitive genital areas.  Higher doses can cause nausea, vomiting, headache and even liver and kidney damage.

If you are considering trying Dynamiclear the following information could save your life or a trip to the emergency room;


**A severe FDA Warning was issued about this product under it's former name "Choraphor" telling the company that it was making false and misleading claims and the product was dangerous to health and illegal.
This may be the reason people online(message boards like WEBMD) have reported having packages seized by U.S. Customs and had to suffer the humiliation of explaing why they ordered the product to authorities.

** Message boards such as WebMD forums and Raccoon (Original Herpes Homepage) have entries of users who have experienced such severe pain when applying Dynamiclear to the genital area, some had to consider a trip to the emergency room.  Others report screaming or crying the pain was so severe.

** The independent source "RationalWiki" reports that most or all of the claims on the Dynamiclear website are outright fraud, and the product could pose a severe health risk.

** The main ingredient "Copper Sulphate" has not been used in the USA for decades except as a chemical pesticide and is known to cause severe liver and kidney damage when ingested.


** The Dynamiclear company reports "Clinical Trials" which appear to be an outright fraud and/or do not exist.

** Perhaps most alarming and possibly criminal is the owners of Dynamiclear also own the message board www.herpes-coldsores.com which is filled with fake entries of people claiming to be "cured" of herpes with Dynamiclear.  Alll entries and testimonials on the Dynamiclear site appear to be written by the same person.  The herpes-coldsores message board is owned by Sana Spurge, one of the Dynamiclear owners.

** Record of false claims about worthless and dangerous products since the Australian Authorities forced GHS/Dynamiclear to stop selling "ear candles" (yes candles to place in your ear) as a cure for the most serious of medical conditions.  The company was even forced to print a retraction of claims of that product on their own website.

** Fake review sites fill the spaces under search terms like "Dynamiclear" and "Dynamiclear Scam" in Google and Yahoo which are all made by the the Spurge family of Australia who own Dynamiclear.  All sites are made to look like independent research sites clearly intended to decieve you and prey on the pain and desperation of herpes sufferers.

** Fake Doctor Testimonials- The "Doctor" who says Dynamiclear is the "best treatment he has seen to date" is actually the owner of Dynamiclear, but that is not disclosed on the website.

Perhaps this is the reason that the Dynamiclear Company, formerly known as Choraphor, moved to Australia after being warned to stop selling the controversial product by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The Dynamiclear website states “product must sting to work” and our staff feels that putting a toxic solvent on the most sensitive areas of the body is not a good idea.  Especially when you consider there is no significant research suggesting this can even help herpes sufferers in any way.

The only ingredient that seems to have any validity is St. Johns Wort (Hypercium Perforatum) which has been used in Europe for centuries.  Since this can be purchased in any health food store for just a few dollars, you may want to consider trying some








Many people will also find that this product is questionable at best based on real facts. There seems to be no credible or verifiable research that the product Dynamiclear works.  In fact, the company that promotes the product claims a “Phase 3” clinical trial from an unknown site but since the term “Phase 3” is used in accordance with US FDA Clinical Trials this information along with other info on the site Dynamiclear.com seems highly suspect.

If you have HSV 1 or HSV 2, it is important to treat your condition. Allowing outbreaks to occur without any type of treatment can actually allow the virus to worsen. You can stop this by simply using a product that is able to kill the herpes simplex virus. Dynamiclear is NOT a good option for those who are looking for effective healing that actually works the way that it promises to do so.

Apparently Dynamiclear has now been busted by THE U.S. F.D.A. attempting to import this illegal and unnapproved health product into the USA and it is happening all over.