One of the things that many people with genital herpes will experience is warning signs of a genital herpes outbreak. An outbreak may occur at any time, though most people will have some level of warning sign that one is occurring. Generally, these warning signs will happen in up to a week or even a few hours prior to the onset of the genital herpes outbreak.

Spotting Warning Signs

If you do experience warning signs of an outbreak, they could occur in the area where the outbreak is taking place or they may occur in other parts of the body. It is important to remember that every person experiences warning signs in different ways. Therefore, if you have not had an outbreak yet, you may not know what the warning signs are. Over time, you may learn better what these early clues are to the onset of a herpes outbreak.

In order to better manage your body, and the outbreaks, it is important to learn the warning signs. Most people will be able to spot the onset and then take steps to minimize the outbreak through the application of medications.

It is important to realize that once you feel the onset of the outbreak, this means that the herpes simplex virus is already waging a war within your body. The symptoms you may feel are outward signs of your body fighting the virus off. You may have symptoms that resemble the flu, such as aches and pains and even nausea. A key sign of the infection is an otherwise unexplained fever. Other people will not have any body symptoms, but location symptoms. This includes:

A tingling sensation in the region

Itching and burning in the genital region

Pain in the leg or the buttocks

Pain in the genital region including the vulva, anus, vagina, penis or scrotum

Burning sensation along one side of the leg or even the bottom of one foot

Some people may also have emotional symptoms such as feeling depressed or being irritable. These, again, change from person to person.

What To Do

When you do spot any of these early warning signs of a herpes simplex virus outbreak, take action sooner rather than later. You can take several topical products at the onset of these symptoms. By doing so, even before the blisters appear, this can help to reduce the severity of the outbreak itself. Your body receives the medication it needs to kill the virus faster, which in turn weakens the virus so much so that it has a hard time producing the actual blisters and sores. The result is a milder or even nonexistent outbreak.

These early warning signs of a herpes simplex virus outbreak are hard to predict right away. However, many people who do have periodic episodes will be able to spot these warning signs ahead of time. You will, likely be able to spot these in yourself over time.